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Rocket studios Rehearsal and production Studios has been a staple in the orlando/central Florida music scene

since the summer of 2008 and has been up and running ever since, we have moved Once within a few blocks in order to improve the facilities and make it easier to find .Many bands and artist have rehearsed and have done various types of production ranging from Original artist ,cover bands tribute bands even theatrical musicals

and videos ranging from Rock, classic, Funk, punk ,Heavy Metal,Alternative, Jazz, Country ,Blues Indy rock and more. Our People Are local Projects to from all over florida to National and we even have had touring bands from other countries. some you've heard of 

some just getting started ,loads of talent and diversity.

What Inspires Us

Paul Canz the Founder and owner of Rocket Studios Orlando Moved to the bay area In California based around the San Francisco Music scene from NYC post High school and attended Music school then Got the opportunity to visit Rehearsal and Recording studios  Worked as a Guitar tech for a very active and well known guitarist, spent 2 years doing this

then ended up back in NYC where he attended Recording arts school and then worked for various Studios all around the big city including Unique recording, Power Play, SIR,  A jingle house, C-factor, live sound at some Venues, Right track studios and Occasionally some of the Major TV network studios. In 2006 He moved to Orlando and was employed at Hard rock lIve , a few times at HOBs and the Amway center , Inspired enough !! the rest is History.

Our Influences

All these experiences listed above were

key to starting a studio although more importantly Playing Primarily Guitar in bands also bass for a couple times to play with artist Paul was a fan of and also watching friends work hard-Play hard very successfully is the true Influence that brings satisfaction and enthusiasm in providing a facility for fellow Musicians and artist to sharpen their craft Here in 

Central Florida where there is an abundance of Talent In which needs to 

continue to thrive.

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Rocket Studios

2205 N Forsyth Rd, Orlando, FL 32807, US

call (407) 601-0944 text 718-974-9813


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Rehearsal studios Orlando Florida

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